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1. You will only use this site if you are a legal adult in your location and as per local, state, country and/or federal laws in your jurisdiction

2. You take full responsibility and agree to be solely accountable for your use of lithograph and any images you generate, distribute and/or publish and will follow all local, state and/or federal laws in your jurisdiction and internationally including copyrights, trademarks and any kind of intellectual property rights

3. You will not use lithograph or any images generated by lithograph to harass, intimidate or defame any individual, organization or any other entity

4. The images created by lithograph can be used for personal or commercial purposes as long as you follow the terms on this page

5. If you post images created using our site we would appreciate it if you would reference our website as the source of the images, a link to our website or social media accounts would be appreciated

If you have any questions or comments we can be reached through our instagram account

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